Florida State University Importance and Relevance of Program Evaluations Essay



1. Search relevant Government websites–GAO, HHS, DOEd, EPA, Labor, etc. and find a complete program evaluation report. Search in topic areas that are up personal and professional interest.

2. Fast read the document (read executive summary, the introduction in its entirety, the methods section in its entirety, first sentence of each paragraph, last sentence of each paragraph, the results and conclusions sections in its entirety.

3. Select on document that seems more accessible and appealing to you.

4. Develop a short proposal and outline document in Word with the following structure

I. Introduction

A. Importance and relevance of program evaluations in your topic area

B. Name, date, of selected program

C. What type of evaluation–process, outcome etc.

II. Summary of Program Evaluation

A. What was context and objectives of the evaluation

B. What was the methodology used?

C. What were main results/findings

III. Critique

A. Deconstruct and analyze the program evaluation

B. Strengths and weaknesses of the program evaluation

C. Where the methods use appropriate and sound? Focus on research design, quantitative techniques used, whether internal -external validity seems to hold, are the results generalizable, if not what factors make less generalizable do you think that the results could be reproduce?

D. Were results and conclusions substantiated and directly linked to and derived from the analysis

IV. Conclusion

A. Summary of Main Points in your Critique/Analytical Section

B. Is it likely or not likely that the program evaluation will be useful to PR actioners, academics, policy makers?

C. What further work/research needs to be done in the particular topic are natter


4 pages,


Ariel 11 or Time Roman 11 fonts.

Please include APA formatted citation of the program evaluation selected.

Include a hyperlink to the program evaluation… i.e. Accessed at ….URL of the document.

Please review for proper grammar and spelling prior to submission,

Highly recommend the use of Grammarly, a free online editor that can be downloaded at grammerly.com

NOTE: Do not expect C and D to be fully fleshed out because you have not yet been exposed to many of the applicable statistical techniques that would allow you to make a more sophisticated analysis. Later in the course, as more knowledge is gathered, please revise and improve section C and D of outline.

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