GCU NEST101A 2021 March Week 1 Discussion (dq1+dq2+dq3+dq4) Latest

Week 1 Discussion DQ1 When assuming the role of an instructor, it will be necessary to become re-acquainted with concepts from your own undergraduate experience and become proficient in the research topics as you assist the students through these concepts.  What was your capstone project when you completed your BSN?  What elements of the capstone were most challenging to you?  How can you use that experience to assist students in their RN-BSN Capstone course? Link:  http://library.gcu.edu/ Visit the GCU library and identify at least two nursing-specific databases that will provide the best research resource for support of an Evidence-Based Proposal (EBP).  Explain the efficacy of peer-reviewed and empirical data resources versus general internet searches.  Are WebMD or Mayo Clinic sites appropriate resources to use in an evidence-based proposal/research?  Why or why not? DQ3 What are the required elements of an ISP?  How would you guide a student in their RN-BSN capstone course in the development of their own ISP?

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