Harvard University Located in Illinois Turnover Rate Questions


Part A (Applied Research ) – This is the task that you received in Week 4.

Located in Illinois for the last 8 years, your organization is a medium-sized company in the medical supplies industry. The Vice President of Operations stopped in your office to discuss a recent loss of staff. He said he has lost 3 key leaders in the last 4 months. In addition to 2 more employees he fired, several frontline workers have quit. As a good HR Director, you recognize that it would be wise to do a complete investigation of the turnover.

In a maximum of 2 double-spaced pages, explain:

a)How would you evaluate whether the experienced turnover is a problem?

b)What data/metrics would you gather and consider from the HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and/or external sources?

Consult additional sources in the HR literature, beyond the course readings, to formulate your response. Make sure to support your suggestions with the literature.

Part B (BT Green Case)

Refer to the BT Green case again, the one you received in Week 3. You had a chance to discuss the legal risk for the organization in the first assignment. You’ve responded to the CEO and received feedback about your assessment. The company decided to let Mr. Banks go. Considering the material you’ve read in Weeks 1-6, now respond to the terminated employee.

1.Describe the desired outcome (or goal) for your response.

2.Identify the issues you will consider in crafting your response.

3.Explain how you will convey the information to the employee (i.e., in writing, verbally, through technology, in person) and why you chose this method.

4.Write out what you will say or what your letter or email would say.

Limit your response to a maximum of 2 double-spaced pages of text.

Part C (Knowledge of Weeks 4-6 Readings)

This section demonstrates your understanding and application of the course topics and course resources. Please answer the following questions within a maximum of 2 double-spaced pages. Note the limit requires you to be concise in synthesizing all the input from the classroom material and any external literature you gather.

1.Assume an organization wants to gauge the success of its total rewards program. Discuss at least two possible metrics or outcomes it might use. Be sure to explain why you chose the metrics you discuss and how they are indicative of a successful total rewards program.

2.Given what you have learned about employee relations and labor relations, explain whether it is possible for an HR practitioner to be an effective advocate for both employees and the organization at the same time? Why or why not? Support your answer.

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