Houston Community College Systemic Racism in Policing Discussion


The topic for the critical thinking essay is Systemic Racism in Policing.

First, you need to provide a definition for systemic racism and how it applies to policing in America. Second, you need to determine if there is solid evidence of racial disparities in police conduct toward minorities. What does the data say about policing and racial bias? What explains the disproportionate rates of police stops, police searches, drug arrests, and use of force for minorities? Is it systemic racism or criminal behavior? What about implicit bias? Provide statistics from at least three studies; Third, what are at least four or five proposals that have been suggested for police reform?

In your introduction, provide one or two definitions of systemic racism in policing in America; 4) Determine if there are disparities or differences between how police interact with minorities and whites. For example, are minorities stopped by police disproportionately when compared with whites? Other interactions include, but are not limited to police searches, drug arrests, and use of force. Are these disparities because of systemic racism or because of criminal behavior? What about implicit bias? Provide statistics from at least three studies. Perform a search on proposals for police reform and include several (4-5) of the proposals in the essay.

This essay must be 2-3 pages in length, double-spaced, following MLA format. The essay should be at least 750-1050 words. Make sure that you include the word count with the essay. The essay should include a well-developed thesis. The thesis is the main argument of your essay. Your entire essay will be based upon this thesis and it will be the main focus of your essay and should state an arguable claim. An outline should be included to help you structure information and ideas effectively. Use the main body of your essay to support your argument. Use your body paragraphs to discuss specific components of evidence to prove your thesis statement. Also, make sure to use parenthetical references when crediting outside sources. Students must have at least five credible sources listed on the citation page. Be sure to present the latest research on the topic. Finally, you need to add a concluding paragraph that summarizes your arguments. Your conclusion should highlight what you have to tried to show and prove to your reader.

Requirements: At least 850 words

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