HUM370 University of Phoenix University Week 3 Hospitality Management Destination City Proposal


As part of your Destination City Proposal, you have been asked to research topics related to travel and tourism for your selected city. Here, the client is considering developing an attraction or entertainment-based operation in the market, and seeks your recommendations and analysis.

Research your selected destination city to determine the role that transportation plays both within the local market and with tourism in general.

Write another 700- to 1,400-word section of the proposal in which you discuss your understanding of the local market and existing competitors, and recommend the type of operation that the client should develop (e.g. a casino, theme park, recreational attraction).

Include the following in your proposal:

Explain the various transportation hubs in the local market, and what considerations might need to be addressed for the selected operation (For example, developing a large theme park requires significant open land, which may not be located near a transportation hub)
Identify various core management components and key considerations involved in managing the recommended operation.
Compare the components and considerations of a casino, theme park, recreational attraction, or other operation (in case the client decides to go a deferent route).

Format your proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

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