Indiana State University America versus Europe Political Science Essay


hello I need help writing paper “were you born on the wrong continent 
This is designed to be a relatively short paper, that requires little research. I want you to do more critical thinking and application of what you learned this semester.
During the last week, I will assign a few chapters from this book called “Were You Born on the Wrong Continent?” – I want you to think about this question and answer it in a paper (4-5 pages). As in, would you rather live in Europe/the EU? and Why? Think of it this way, do you think Europe has more to offer you than the United States? Does Europe have a brighter future? Does European politics have it figured out more than American politics? You should draw some of your answer from the readings below (show me that you read it)
Your paper needs to show some comparison between the US and Europe. Think about the topics we have covered this semester (the EU, parliamentary systems, parties, elections, climate change, economics, immigration, democracy, welfare state, religion, etc..) pick some of these and discuss why you think Europe is the better option for you or not. Have fun with this but take it serious. Make an argument and back it up with facts and cases we talked about in class.


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