Indiana Wesleyan University Theoretical Approaches in the Field Essay


Review this list of important theoretical models and approaches covered in the coursework thus far. This list is not exhaustive, and you may consider other models and approaches that have been discussed in this or other courses or used at your field placement.
Ecosystems perspective
Human rights perspective
Strengths / Empowerment theories
Theories of lifespan development
Theories of human behavior
Social learning theory
Cognitive behavioral approach
Solution-focused approach
Narrative theory
Psychoanalytic theory
Attachment theory
Culturally competent approaches
Choose at least two theoretical models or approaches and describe consider how they have been integrated into work at your field placement.
Give examples of how they have been used by you or your agency to engage, assess, intervene and evaluate clients.
Why have they been appropriate for use with your specific client population(s), role, and agency?
In your answer, describe how the theories intersect with the specific needs and cultural dynamics of your client population(s). Give specific examples of your client population with their unique characteristics and how the theory works with them.
Choose at least one theoretical model or approach you would like to integrate into your practice in the future. Why do you think this model or approach would be beneficial to your work? How will it help you to engage, assess, intervene or evaluate clients? Be specific and use examples.
Incorporate your answers to the questions and prompts in Steps 2 and 3 into a two-to three page, APA-formatted document.
Provide specific examples to demonstrate each of your points concerning the two theoretical models or approaches you discuss. Be sure to reference and cite course materials or other sources when discussing theories.
Consider real and hypothetical scenarios as a social work student and a future professional social worker.

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