Inscribe a paper about “on impact of CDSS on patient

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Inscribe a paper about “on impact of CDSS on patient safety” The paper must have the following components: -introduction to the thesis or research question, inclusive of background and rationale. -statement of the paper’s objective. -methods section describing how you acquired, analyzed, and brought to bear relevant knowledge to address your thesis or research question. (this means you should document what you are doing as you go along – for example, when reviewing the literature, take notes on the scholarly databases you searched, the keywords you used, the search parameters, how you chose which scholarly publications to include in your paper, whether you used any software or techniques for analyzing and synthesizing the publications; all this can then be briefly reported in your methods section). -a section on principal findings. this section should be appropriately cited and organized in a logical way such that any reader new to the topic could follow it. if reviewing the literature, it is often useful to use tables, subheadings, and even figures to organize and synthesize the content. -an evaluative, reflective section discussing limitations of your argument or the literature, future needs and directions, key implications for practice or science, and main conclusions.

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