Interviews With Leaders Assessment



In Unit 2, you prepared to interview two leaders in organizations of your choice. You will need to complete the interviews before you begin this assessment. You will use the findings from your interviews in this assessment as well as the Unit 4 assessment.

Using your notes from your completed interviews, write a paper for this unit’s assessment that addresses the following elements:

Thoroughly describe your interview experiences. Write the story of what happened from beginning to middle to end. Integrate into the story the names of the people you interviewed, their leadership level, and the focus of your interviews.
Recap your interview questions.
Summarize your findings from each question including the best stories and quotes in each interviewee’s words and some themes that seemed to pervade both interviews.
Analyze your interviewees’ personal characteristics and describe their alignment to effective leadership.
Explain the significance of the leadership characteristics you identified and how they apply to your own career progression.

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