IST 7020 Wilmington University Saas and Non Saas Features and Functions Project


To this point in the project, you identified some project solutions along with their costs, features, and functions. Now, the Board of Directors is asking for recommendations that are more specific about the solution’s features and functions. They want to know what you consider the “must-have” system features and functions and why they are the “must haves”. In addition, the Chairperson wants to know what additional features and functions, from other SaaS and non-SaaS solutions you researched for week 1’s assignment, would be “nice-to-have”, but are not absolutely required for the new system. As always, the Board wants to see any costs (capital or operational) associated with the “nice-to-have” features and functions.

The paper must not exceed 5 pages of content (the title page, abstract [if required], reference pages, figures/tables, and appendices are not content pages). In addition, the paper must use:

Times New Roman, 12 pt font/typeset
Double spaced lines
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s title page, header, margins, figure, table, and heading formatting
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s writing mechanic guidelines

Part 1 – Business Case

Project Overview:

The owner of Lakewood IT wants to create an IT service department as one of their product offerings. This service department may exist at multiple, company locations and, possibly, in multiple buildings at the same location. Management needs to determine whether we are suited to expand into this new specialty within six (6) months. Currently, we have two customer-facing departments: IT Hardware/Software Sales and IT Parts. If we choose to create a service department, this will add a third customer-facing department to Lakewood IT. No longer will we need to refer customers to outside repair service companies. We will be able to sell new IT hardware/software, sell replacement parts, and service the hardware/software. Truly, we will be a one-stop shop for all home IT needs!

As I think about it, I probably did not give you enough information about this proposed service department. The service department will have both virtual and live technicians to fix the customer’s IT issues. This will require people to set up the home service appointments, technicians to assess, estimate, and fix the hardware/software, and coordinate with parts department to get the necessary parts for repair. The parts department may need to change their inventory and ordering process to accommodate the larger volume of parts needed with the new service department.

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