IVC Chinese Culture Represents More than 1 Point 4 Billion Citizens Discussion


Take what you have learned about the cultural iceberg and apply it to your own culture and answer the following questions:Describe Chinese culture in two sentences.Name 3 visible components of Chinese culture. Name 3 less visible components of Chineseculture.Name 3 not visible components of Chinese culture.When finished, please respond to two of your classmates with a minimum of 150 words each. Please do not reply with comments like, “Me, too!” or “That’s awesome.” I know conversations on Canvas can be limiting, but please give it your best try. If you are struggling with conversation topics, here are some suggestions:Discuss something that is similar and something that is different about your classmates’ icebergs and yours.Talk about an experience you had sharing another person’s culture for the first time (and obvi link it to a component of their culture).Share an experience a friend of yours had when they discovered something in your cultural iceberg for the first time.

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