JT is a 10 yr old white male. He is

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JT is a 10 yr old white male. He is sedentary most of the time and would rather play computer games than play outdoors or participate in sports. His mother has noticed that he has shortness of breath when exercising, and she is worried about his health. She took JT to see his pediatrician due to these concerns. Diagnosis: The pediatrician completed a physical e x a m and referred JT for an exercise test. The results were as follows: BMI = 31 Maximal functional capacity = 8 METs Blood lipids and glucose: • Total cholesterol = 200 mg · dl–1 • High-density lipoprotein = 32 mg · dl–1 • Triglycerides = 190 mg · dl–1 • Low-density lipoprotein = 220 mg · dl–1 • Glucose = 119 mg · dl–1 Resting blood pressure = 130/86 mmHg Resting HR = 90 Questions: 1. Is JT at risk with respect to body mass index? 2. Is JT at risk with respect to his aerobic capacity? 3. Is JT at risk with respect to blood lipids, glucose, or blood pressure? 4. What would be an appropriate exercise test for JT (mode, protocol) and why? 5. As you sit down with JT and his mother following testing, how would you approach this patient regarding his results?

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