Knowledge Management Systems


Imagine that you are a security
professional who has been assigned to a Joint Application Development (JAD)
team responsible for developing the business requirements for a new Customer
Relationship Management (CRM) information system.You are preparing some notes for the JAD meeting. You know that CRMs can be
useful for improving how customers interact with businesses, but CRMs can also
be used to collect massive amounts of customer information that may be personal
identification information. You want to ensure that the JAD team understands
that system requirements drive how the information system and its information
must be protected. please no Plagiarism, I would like to turn paper in as I receive it.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper explaining to the JAD team how
business requirements affect how the system will be used.Identify two internal threats and two external threats to the new
CRM and what must be done to protect the system.Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines

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