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Leading/Managing Quick Wins

In the change process, leadership characteristics such as vision creation, communication, and empowerment are necessities. Additionally, management skills such as budgeting and project management are needed to facilitate concrete and meaningful short-term wins that keep the change momentum going. Consider the idea that it is not enough to be just a charismatic leader or an efficient manager, but that a combination of these skill sets are necessary to lead and manage lasting change. You cannot be just a good leader or just a good manager; you have to be a combination of both in order to produce short-term wins along the path to major change.

As you review the resources this week, continue your research in the Walden Library, and contemplate the following:

Compare managerial charisma with following operating procedures.

What is the relationship between leadership, management, quick wins, and positive change?

Note: You do not need to answer these points directly in your Discussion post, since they serve primarily to begin your thinking process. However, you must explain your reasoning as you formulate your formal response.

Read the case study “The Blues Versus the Greens” on pages 38–46 of the course text, The Heart of Change.

Then, answer the following:

Assume that you have been asked to develop a collective quick win that will begin to bring the two sides together. In this case, why would it be important to create a collective quick win? What would you do as a manager? As a leader?
As a manager and a leader, how would you “rally the troops” for positive change? Why is this buy-in important for successful positive change to occur?

All work in APA formatted with proper citing and at least 2 references.


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