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Skills Assessment

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Self assessment, the first step to the career planning process, facilitates an awareness of interests, values, skills, and personality. If you are currently working in your desired industry, completing a self assessment will give you a deeper awareness of your values, skills, and personality. Reflection and understanding of these characteristics can be helpful when making career decisions. Because we are completing an analytic Career Exploration Business Report,it is important to begin with a career and interest assessment. In the assessment you will answer questions about the type of work you might enjoy, and they will suggest careers that match your interests and training. INSTRUCTIONS: Visit My Next Move (opens external link), co (Links to an external site.)mplete the assessment, and give a brief written overview of your results:
Which area did you score the highest – R, I, E, S, E, or C? Did that surprise you – why or why not?
What was a job that interested you the most in that zone?

For example, based on my current education I chose Job Zone 5. The second job in that zone was Business Instructor, which made me smile since that is what I do. Had I not already been doing this, I could have learned what education I would need, the job outlook, and other items th (Links to an external site.)at would help me obtain this job (and complete the Business report for this class)

As we being working on your business report, these results can help guide you on your topic choice if you are currently not in industry and unsure what to research.

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