Magna Health Insurance Operational Model Paper


I will upload the fulll requirement and the template and also the homework that from someone else, which you can use as the reference, you can just do some edit but make these two homework looks different. that’s very easy


You are the project manager for Phase 1 of the portal development. The Magna Health InsuranceÂ’sleadership has also decided to start planning for the subsequent (post phase 1) portal development, and align it with their vision for the IT division (staffing and responsibilities)

They asked you to make an analysis and recommend a staffing and development model for the overall (all phases) of the MHI portal development.

Your choices are: In-house, Outsourced, or Hybrid model.

Your analysis and recommendation needs to take into account the following major factors:

The overall scope (of the MHI) portal
The IT strategy developed for the Magna Health Insurance

Your recommendation (please use Word or PowerPoint) needs to include:

A pros and cons analysis of the three models (in-house vs. outsourced vs. hybrid)
A recommendation for one of the models, with a justification of why you selected it
An org chart (Visio, Word, Excel or PowerPoint) of the project team structure for the model that you

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