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WBS – Individual Assignment – MS Project

Develop a WBS for your project selection (from week 1).

You must save and submit the MS Project file in a view where all applicable fields and graphics are visible when opened.

A. Identify at least 4 major components/deliverables and provide at least 5 levels of detail for every deliverable. (ex: If there are 4 major deliverables x 5 levels there will be 20 lines in the WBS).

B. Identify the deliverables and resources (roles/function) responsible for each deliverable/sub-deliverable.

C. Submit a graphical representation reflecting all elements.

D. Briefly describe the project (scope and/or description from your charter) you are using for this WBS in the submission commentssection also.

(Hint: Refer to PMBOK Chap 5, pg. 125+, LG Chap 4, pg. 108+, MyCourses /Lessons/Course Materials/ WBS Tutorials)

Again, please review the grading rubric for this assignment.

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