Marketing Plan – You will assume the role of an independent marketing agency

You will assume the role of an independent marketing agency responding to a Request for Proposals (RFP) from Smoky Ridge Apparel Company. The agency will prepare a marketing campaign and accompanying marketing action plan (MAP) along with supporting materials in response to the RFP. In addition to the preparation of hard-copy deliverables, the agency will develop and deliver a brief presentation its plan through video. Smoky Ridge Apparel Company is a start-up activewear company based out of the Lynchburg, VA area. As a start-up, there is no prior operational history. The company was recently founded by Lance Hatfield, a native East Tennessean. Both of his grandfathers were coal miners, and, yes, he is related to the feuding Hatfields of the Hatfields and McCoys. Proud of his mountain heritage and sporting background, Hatfield aspires for the fashions and products of Smoky Ridge to be reflective of the diversity of sport and leisure activities of Southern Appalachia. While Smoky Ridge will be focusing on numerous target markets, Hatfield has submitted for review a RFP to solicit marketing agencies to assist in his efforts to reach a specific targeted group: college and university students in Southern Appalachia. The expectation is that the proposals in response to this RFP will be largely turnkey (i.e., comprised of primary research, strategies and tactics, and related marketing collateral materials). Target Market The target market for this project shall be college/university students ages 18 – 24 who attend schools in the Southern Appalachian region. Students do not have to be from this region, however, Smoky Ridge shall appeal mostly to those students who identify in some way with the history, culture, and/or active lifestyles of the Southern mountains.

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