MBA 3008 SU Module 4 Apple Business Model and Development Process Discussion


Discussion PromptFor your initial essay, prepare a proposal for your Final Project. In this proposal, you are introducing Apple you will analyze for the Final Project. The proposal should address the organization’s mission, business model, and value proposition. It should briefly describe one or more target markets pursued by the brand. It should also include a proposed strategic opportunity (eg, marketing development, market penetration, product development, or diversification) that will be the basis for establishing the recommendations you will make in the final project (refer to pages 164 to 167 of the text for details on the strategic opportunities).The proposal should be approximately 1000 words and be organized with headings and sub-headings. You may use bullets and tables to organize your content. In your replies, consider requesting additional details, contributing additional information, or sharing relevant experiences with the organization. Remember to cite your sources using APA format.

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