MC Symbolic interactionism Presentation

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The purpose of this assignment is to connect sociology to your everyday life through “powerpoint scrapbooking.” This is part of building on your sociological imagination, a tool we will continue to use throughout the semester. Pick a sociological theory or concept that resonates with you from the chapters we’ve been reading, and discuss how this theory or concept is part of your everyday experience. Please provide a picture of the artifact or symbol, the event, or memory for the reader, as well as a 250-300 word response detailing how your concept impacts your daily life, or is part of your social experience. Please present the picture and narrative on a PowerPoint and upload the submission for the assigned week in the course module. 
Each scrapbook entry should include the following:

The artifact or a picture of your symbol. 
A description of the artifact, symbol, memory, or event you chose.
The definition of a sociological concept or theory in your own words. 
An application of that theory or concept to your everyday life. 

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