MGMT 408 CUNY Brooklyn College WK3 Design of an Inventory Tracking System Paper



The Course Project for MGMT408 is composed of 2 parts. The first part is about analyzing existing RFP solicitation structures to use as a model for the student to develop Request for Proposal (RFP) solicitation, in this way allowing the students to familiarize themselves with the outsourcing processes and specifically with the contract management process.

Project Deliverables


Search for at least 3 RFP examples on the IT arena that could help you in creating your own RFP in STEP 2.

The websites suggested to conduct your research are: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.)

You may be required to register. Instructions are located at the site within the documentation.

Once at the website, you will enter your search criteria for the state and type field for a solicitation.
Search for opportunities within a recent 90-day period and select any opportunity of interest to you.
Include the solicitation number, requestor’s name, RFP type, and product or service being requested, and contract award date.
Analyze the selected formal written proposal for structure, content, and unique requirements specific to the product or service being requested. Review the delivery methods, legal requirements, and other relevant points for consideration to be included as appropriate to the RFP solicitation you will be creating.


The procurement document should reflect an IT area of individual or team interest, or you may select one of the procurement cases below as the basis for creating an RFP.

Optional RFP Procurement Cases

You may select one of the following RFP procurement cases to develop your RFP solicitation.

An Inventory Control System

You sell IT related equipment from a catalog, and business has been blossoming. But your inventory tracking system is inadequate. In high season, supply outages have been frequent, and customer complaints over delays have been increasing. You fear that your business will die on the vine unless something is done to improve things. You want to hire a management consultant to design a new inventory tracking system. This kind of work normally requires about 6 months of effort. It is now May. You need to issue an RFP for this work. The procurement will be for the design stage only—implementation may or may not be handled under a separate contract at a later date. Hint: Creating a project charter and project scope statement will facilitate to identify the procurement-SOW. Use what you have learned in part 1 to develop an RFP solicitation.

Call Center Hardware Upgrade.

The call center has decided to outsource the work to replace 500 single monitor by dual LED monitors to increase agent productivity, and reduce overall energy expenditure in the building. The increase in productivity will create a more customer friendly experience by reducing customer wait time and decreasing frustrations that the agents face with the current single monitor setup. The lower energy costs will result in lower operating costs for the call center, and the increase in productivity will generate additional revenue. Hint: Creating a project charter and project scope statement will facilitate to identify the procurement-SOW. Use what you have learned in part 1 to develop an RFP solicitation.


Here is a example of an RFP Table of Contents and Formatting Options

Grading Rubrics


Cover Page


RFP Summary

Analysis of the procurement statement of work (P-SOW) found in the research RFP

Analysis on the selection criteria and methodology use

Determine and discuss the type of contract being use in the RFP

Professionalism of Format, Grammar, Spelling, Page Count, and so on

Total Points

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