MGT 323 Saudi Electronic University Project Management Case Study


The request can be found in the attached template. Please complete the questions directly in the template.There is no word limit, but the answers need to be provided in depth and needs to be adequately written without grammar errors or plagiarism. (The request can be fully found in the attached templat) Please read the Case-1.2 “The Hokies Lunch Group.”from Chapter 1 “Modern Project Management” given in your textbook – Project Management: The Managerial Process 8th edition by Larson and Gray page no: 24-27 also refer to specific concepts you have learned from the chapter to support your answers.Answer the following questions for Part-A, Part-B, Part-C of the case study. For each part (A,B,C) What phase of the project life cycle is each project in ? Expain (1 Mark each for A,B,C) Total (3Marks).What are the two important things you learned about working on projects from the case ? Why are they important ? Explain for each part (A,B,C) (2 Marks each for A,B,C) Total (6 Marks).Describe the characters of “The Hokies Lunch Group”? (1 Mark)

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