MGT 468 Grantham Week 5 High Attrition and Low Motivation in Carnival Cruise Line PPT


For Part II of the Team Project, your team MUST submit 15 – 20 slides of PowerPoint presentation that includes the following:

Minimum of FIVE detailed suggestions to overcome high attrition as it relates to your team’s specific issue

Minimum of FIVE detailed suggestions to overcome low motivation as it relates to your team’s specific issue

Carnival Cruise Line issues due to COVID-19 Retention and Motivation Plan

Identify how beliefs, attitudes, and perceptions will impact this plan overall

Identify how personalities, diversity, and gender will impact this plan overall

Determine how the plan will be communicated within the organization

Include a team-building activity that can help with motivating employees. Outline the purpose, steps within the activity, and the desired outcome(s). Team-building activities are often used within organizational training sessions to increase trust, stimulate communication, and encourage collaboration. One of the key elements of the training activity should be focused upon communication and determining common aspects of personality traits among participants and identifying ways to overcome barriers of differences within personalities.


Carnival Cruise has been growing since 1972!
Carnival Cruise line – “The World’s Most Popular Cruse Line”
Millions of passengers each year.
In late 2019 and early 2020, a terrible virus emerged (known as COVID-19).
Cruise ships are shut down.
Unemployment on the rise.
Cruise ship stocks down as much as 70%
No business.
Employees becoming disgruntle.
Excess of food on cruise ship going to go bad

Excess of food on cruise ship going to go bad

The PowerPoint presentation will need to be between 15-20 slides. The team-building activity can be addressed within the PowerPoint, however the detailed outline of the activity will be submitted separately as a Word document, minimum of one page.

You MUST use the notes section within each slide to further expand on your bulletin points and a minimum of THREE references to support your claims, thoughts, and statements

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