MGT 533 King Fahd Security College Foreign Tourism in Saudi Arabia Paper


have a search for foreign tourism (non religious) system

The application needed to represent the foreign tourism from Saudis to abroad

Data need:

Write a paragraph about 3 hazards for this asset and possible harm or loss

Step 3 Make hazard matrix

Step 4 Write about the biggest hazard for your asset and explain with evidence the 3

components of your asset that are the most critical for protecting the asset from that


Step 5 Explain the loss if they are attacked individually or together

Step 6 Write a paragraph about the sources you used to explain your asset’s vulnerability

and say why they are good sources

Step 7 Write a paragraph about the different ways you can calculate risk and which one is

the best for your hazard

Step 8 Write a paragraph about the 3 most important components of your asset and the

possible human/ financial loss.Use valid data and historical perspective

Step 9 Explain with valid evidence the basic approaches that the MOI can use to reduce the

highestrisk to your asset in Saudi Arabia.

Step 10 explain three specifictactics that should be prioritized for investment by the

government ofSaudi Arabia

Step 11 What are some of the problems of effectiveness of these three tactics in Saudi

society? Recommend some ways to improve effectiveness.

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