MGT550 Milestone 2 Strategic Communication Goals – Internal Communication

Overview: For Milestone Two, you will craft the internal message that you will use to address the problem you identified in the case study. To access the final project case study, “Research in Motion: Sincerely, a RIM Employee (A),” refer to the HBR coursepack link in your syllabus. In doing so, you will specify the mediums you will use to deliver the message, explain why these mediums are important, and outline the target audience. Furthermore, you will explain how you factored in the personal needs and development of employees when creating messaging, including the considerations made to support employees through the change process that will be implemented to address the problem. Refer to the article Helping Employees Embrace Change for assistance. Finally, identify potential sources of conflict that may arise as a result of your internal communication. Consider the message you are communicating as well as the medium(s) used. Prompt: Write a paper in which you discuss aspects of your internal communication, as well as draft the actual internal message that you will use to address the problem you identified in the case study with your target audience. Note: Be sure to include the actual internal message within the body of your paper, to accompany part C. below. II.            Internal Communication A.            Determine the medium(s) that you will use to deliver your message and explain how you made this decision. B.            Define the target audience of your internal communication. Include key factors and any cultural factors that you considered about this audience.

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