MKT 441 University of Phoenix How Do Focus Groups Work Ted Talk Discussion


ORIGINAL QUESTION. Do not answer this question, just response to numbers one and two.

Recall?the readings and activities you have completed this week and research a TED Talk or other academic video that applies to one or more of your weekly objectives. Post?a link to the video in your discussion thread. Answer?the following:

What do you find interesting or surprising about the information in the video?
How does it relate back to your weekly objectives?

Reply to at least 2 of your classmates. Be constructive and professional in your responses.

Response 1.

I chose the TEDx talk performed by Kristin Briney, Rethinking Research Data. What I found most interesting about this TEDx talk was how little information is provided to the public about the research used to perform an experiment or a study. Kristin talks about needing proof to believe the information from the data. She says that people need to see the research’s evidence to consider what the data is telling us. This idea makes sense because many companies wrestle with the idea of whether or not to conduct market research in the first place. Many times public research is shared to help us uncover new technologies. As the public, we know the story of the study but not the actual research itself. One of the biggest challenges the market research department faces is to justify to the company or organization that market research has to be done to promote innovation. A lot of organizations feel pressure not to research due to budget constraints. Companies must realize that market research isn’t always necessary, but the investigation must be transparent and easy to understand when it is performed. Our readings describe this scenario that companies commonly face and what they must do to work through it.

The TEDx talk teaches us that the entire process of how data is presented can be changed. This process is very accurate as it related to published articles for reference. The way to fix our current issues with public findings is to publish both the article and the research data. This new way of thinking will provide us with the much-needed clarity missing in market research studies today.


Response 2.

A TED talk that I watched is the ” How do focus groups work? by Hector Lanz.

I find the topic of focus groups interesting because the research behind can tell the unconscious decisions of why a consumer will become motivated to purchase a product or why they are drawn to the product. Focus groups are used for exploratory research, this will help business generate new ideas to products and marketing based on deeper understanding of consumer habits. This is why I find this so interesting, we use marketing research and psychology to incorporate a focus group. I think of how social media has grasped this one so popularly. Social media is a big focus and this is how we attract our consumers currently with this pandemic going on.

“The term focus group is sometimes used loosely to cover any group interview. Strictly speaking, however, within the world of market research, a focus group is a particular kind of group interview supported by a specialized infrastructure. This infrastructure includes (1) the facility, (2) the market research vendor, and (3) the moderator. The market research vendor is generally a separate business entity responsible for coordinating the entire focus group research project. The three specific responsibilities of the vendor are to find a facility, supply a moderator who will lead the groups, and arrange for consumers to be recruited to attend. Sometimes, both the moderator and the recruiter may be separate business entities; alternatively, the facility may handle recruiting in addition to hosting the group, and the moderator may be an employee or contractor of the vendor. The value added by the vendor is fundamentally that provided by any middleman or broker: The vendor consults with you to design an appropriate research strategy, brings together all the external resources required to implement the study, and then drives the process to its conclusion.” (McQuarrie page 142).…

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