MKTG 322 SUNY at Stony Brook The Psychological Consequences of Money Discussion


Please read the paper very carefully before
you start answering the questions. Some
questions are quite broad in their nature, but others are very specific to the
experiments/data in the paper.1.Experiment 5 has three conditions; high money, low money, control and the measure of helpfulness is how many spilled pencils were picked up by the participants (after the confederate had deliberately dropped them in front of the participants). What percentage was picked up, on the average, by participants across these three conditions. 2.In Experiment 6, the participants in the money condition donated about 77 cents (on the average) to the Student Fund, while those in the non-money condition donated $1.34 on the average. We can argue that the difference arose because those in the money condition were poorer (had less money to give) compared to those in the non-money condition. Indicate two reasons why this may not be the case (Experiments 5 and 6 are on Page 1155)

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