Module 05 Course Project – Final Project Proposal and Project Presentation, management homework help


For the final part of your course project, you will create a
presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint (approximately 10 to 15 slides)
of the project you have compiled over the past 4 modules. The
presentation should be an overview of the information contained in the
project plan. The Final Project PowerPoint presentation should include
the synopsis of the following:
Project Selection

Work breakdown into the three phases of the project life cycle

Scope statement

Communications plan

Risk analysis

Project Budget

Project Schedule

Resource Plan

Reconciliation of project tasks as per life cycle phases, process groups and project management knowledge areas.
If you are new to creating a PowerPoint presentation, visit the following free tutorial websites for assistance:
Rasmussen’s PowerPoint tutorial resource – Learning Express (registration is required)

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 Tutorial

PowerPoint 2013

In addition, you will be submitting your final written
project proposal report. Using the templates and plans you have
developed over the course, write a final proposal on how you recommend
the Annual Convention be planned and delivered. The final report must
emphasize Project Management. Your final proposal should be a minimum of
5 pages.

Although your report will include some discussion of the technical
nature of the study project, that discussion should be brief and only to
provide background about the project. Similarly, avoid lengthy
discussion about the histories or backgrounds of companies involved in
the project.The emphasis of the report must be on the “how, what,
why, when, who” of the management of the Investigation Project. Avoid
lengthy technical discussions, or lengthy discussion about the company
history, technical requirements, or details of the actual work done in
the project. These are not project management topics. The purpose
of the report is to show the instructor what you have learned from the
investigation project about project management. Thus, avoid discussions
that could lead to the conclusion that little or nothing additional
about project management was learned from the investigation project!Also, make sure to include the following at the end of the proposal:

Appendices. Appendices can include any
documentation or materials you wish to add to substantiate your report.
However, any material you include in the Appendix must be directly
referenced somewhere in the body of the report. Do not include material
in the Appendices that is not referenced in the report.

Try to include figures, diagram, tables, charts, etc.
in the body of the report. This will make the report more readable and
interesting. For example, instead of describing a Gantt chart used in
the Investigation Project, include the chart (or part of it) in the
report. Show samples of actual schedules, memos, budget reports, etc.
These can be included in the body of the report or in the Appendix.

Professional Quality: Spelling, grammatical,
typing or other errors are unacceptable. As are all professional
documents, your report will be judged as much for readability and
appearance as for content. Carefully proof read the report before
submitting it. A poorly written report will receive a lower grade.

All materials, notes, original documents, etc., should be handed in with the final report. These can be included in a separate file if necessary.

Your submission should follow the essentials of APA (i.e., cover
page, double-spaced, 12 pt. font, reference section at the end, in-text
citations, etc.).Would you like information about how to format in APA? Click here.

Papers should be spell-checked and submitted to Grammarly prior to submitting your paper to the drop box.

“Grammarly” is a free service for Rasmussen students.
Once you’ve made all of your suggested grammar corrections, submit your
paper to the Drop Box, along with your Grammarly PDF report as a
separate attachment. Your goal is to obtain a Grammarly score of 90 –

*Grammarly instructions can be accessed by clicking on this link
Grammarly handout
Grammarly Student User Guide
Would you like information about how to complete research papers? Click here.Would you like information about how to complete projects? Click here. Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.Save
your PowerPoint presentation as a Microsoft PowerPoint file. (Mac
users, please remember to append the “.pptx” extension to the filename.)

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