MSB 735 Assignment #6 – Labor Management Relations

Assignment #6 – Based on Topic 6 Union Organizing Utilizing the textbook, presentations, and research answer ALL of the following questions directly on this form. Use substantive & cogent responses (complete sentences in paragraph format – NO BULLETPOINTS, NO ABBREVIATED LISTS. (WHEN YOUR DONE YOU SHOULD HAVE MORE THAN ONE PAGE). Save the Form as a Word doc or PDF and attach it in the “Assignments Due Here” Forum on Blackboard by 11:59 PM on Wednesday 4-7-2021. For consideration, you must answer all of the questions including subsets of each question. Failure to answer any of the questions or subset of a question may result in rejection of the entire assignment. You must also clearly identify what you are answering. Cite your sources (textbook, PPT, research). Unless otherwise approved, unauthorized late submissions and e-mailed versions will not be accepted. Topic 6: 1. Based on your textbook and the presentation, discuss the basic procedural steps and legal standards involved in the organizing process, i.e., how new unions are formed in the United States. 2. Do you think that there should be any limits on employer and union campaigning? Give reasons to support your answer. If you agree, what type of limits would you suggest?

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