MT445 Kaplan CH9 Unit 6 Oligopoly and Monopolistically Competitive Firms HW


The practice of using communication tools will enhance your ability to adapt to different buyers. And yet you must prepare communications for mass audiences as well. This requires a more generic communications tactic not designed for specific buyer personalities.

Instructions: Go to Chapter 9, page 254, Case 9.1: Zadro Inc. Then respond to the checklist items regarding the case scenario.

Checklist: Answer the following questions:

In a Microsoft Word document, explain how you would use one of the communication tools from Chapter 9 (in a Word document), to sell the programmable UV Sanitizing Wand to Target and help them to resell to its customers.
In a Microsoft PowerPoint audiovisual presentation respond to the following:

Scenario: You are invited to a “Retailer Trade Show” to present the programmable UV Sanitizing Wand but cannot make the trip so you must develop a 5-minute audiovisual slide show to present the product to potential retailers. Use a minimum of eight slides with additional title and reference slides.

Submit both your (1) minimum of a 500-word paper in APA format with additional title and references pages with your chosen communication tool and (2) the 5-minute audio-visual presentation in a minimum of 8 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides with additional title and reference slides, to the Dropbox.

Access the rubric

Source: Castleberry, S. B., & Tanner, J. F. (2018). Selling: Building partnerships (10th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

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