Need health and medical help with inflammation and the cellular structure of the brain


A 75-year-old man was found unconscious in his bathroom after
falling and hitting his head. He survived for several hours but died later in
the hospital. An autopsy was performed to determine the exact cause of death.
Evidence indicated that the man had suffered two strokes, both due to blocked
blood vessels. One had occurred a few weeks earlier; the other had occurred
very recently and may have led to the fall. Autopsy findings also indicated
that, when the man hit his head, some damage to his brain occurred as well.
Based on what you know
about inflammation and the cellular structure of the brain, describe what the
pathologist found in each of the damaged areas of the brain.
Note: Be specific.
This answer should be at least a paragraph long and contain information
pertaining to the inflammation and the cellular
structure of the brain. A few key words needed: microglia,
necrosis, white blood cells.

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