Northern Virginia Community College Volkswagen Case Discussion Post


Volkswagen Assignment Questions:1. Assess the trends in the global and Indian Automobile Industry.2. VW has been in India for 10 years but has failed to become popular and accepted by customers. Was VW justified in continuing to give importance to the Indian market? Address pros and cons of this position.3. Is there a business case for VW and Tata to look for a partner with which to enter into a strategic alliance in India? Address the pros and cons of VW operating independently, making an acquisition, and in entering into a strategic alliance. Discuss the pros and cons for both VW and Tata.4. What type of governance structure (contractual alliance, equity alliance, or joint venture) would you propose to VW and Tata if they can resolve their differences?6.What should the companies do – call of the alliance or sort out their differences?

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