Outline and Annotated Bibliography: political views of two philosopher


Write and submit your Outline and Bibliography. The Outline should contain your thesis statement and the remainder should be a full sentence outline where you specifically show how your paper will flow.

The course project requires you to research and write an analytical paper comparing and contrasting the political views of two philosophers on one of the following areas:

Human Conflict – the nature and causes thereof.
The best or best possible cooperative social arrangements, capable of resolving or diminishing society’s common problems.
The moral foundations of political legitimacy (what is the good state).
Who should govern – one, few, or many?
Choose from philosophers you have been studying in this course. One example: compare and contrast the views of Plato and Karl Marx on who should govern. If you want to choose a philosopher not covered in the course, check first with your faculty member.:As you write, keep the following in mind:
Use clear, concise, complete sentences, transitions between paragraphs, standard spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
***************Plato and Aristoteles were the philosopher choosen!!!!!!!!!

The Annotated Bibliography should include no fewer than 5 sources (but not your text). You should find a minimum 3 sources from the Rasmussen library. Remember that this is different from a traditional bibliography.

1-First list the reference in APA format just as you would on a reference page.

2- provide an annotation in three parts:

(1) a 2-3 sentence summary of the reference;

(2) a brief assessment or evaluation of the source (why it’s reliable, how it compares with others, and so on);

(3) a 1-2 sentence reflection on the source (how it will help your project).

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