Pasadena City College Al Qaeda Terrorist Group in Africa Discussion


Your Brief:

Assume that I–the Professor–am the new president. Assume for a moment, that you are the Secretary of State and have been briefed yourself on the situation inside Africa. Please brief the president of the vital interests of the United States as it relates to the African continent. Use an issue or issues that are most fundamental and important for the president to keep in mind for the first year of his administration. So answer a few questions as a part of the briefing:

What issue or issues:

As it pertains to _____, what national interests does the United States maintain inside Africa?

History of the Issue(s):

How did TRUMP handle the policy issue(s) during the previous four years before our administration? Does this matter to the U.S.A?

Which Executive agencies were involved?

Describe briefly which national security agencies were involved in the implementation of the previous administration policies.

Which congressional committees have Issue jurisdiction?

Brief the president on the House and Senate that have control over the policy matters that pertain to the African continent.

Which interest groups will be involved?

What major and serious policy interest groups are extremely involved and of concern for the new president to know.

Evaluation of the Vital Interests in Africa:

Please briefly summarize what in your understanding the new president ought to understand and perhaps ought to do now this first year 2021.

Please use and cite 5 sources.

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