PGU Effect of Executive Presence in Effectively Influencing Change Case Study

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With this case challenge, analyze and answer the following questions through evaluation of the HBR case and through the application of the digital resources listed to substantiate your argument:
What      is the effect of Executive Presence in effectively influencing change?
Charles “Ed” Haldeman Jr. is promoted CEO of Putnam Investments after the firm was badly damaged by a series of improper trading practices. He is charged with the task of managing the crisis, repairing the company culture, and putting the firm back into a pattern of growth. Haldeman realizes a radical change in the culture of Putnam Investments is necessary to win back the trust of clients and employees who felt betrayed by the firm’s apparent misconduct.   
He must confront some tough decisions about recently uncovered questions concerning the handling of certain accounting transactions three years earlier and about the continued lagging performance of Voyager, the firm’s flagship equity fund. How does he effectively demonstrate ‘Executive Presence’ to guide the company through this crisis?

Use the following digital resources in attachment with the HBR Case to help guide your answer along with these two videos.

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