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Question 1

Please give one example of product adaptation for global markets?

Explain why the company adapted the product.

Question 2

One of the challenges in advertising is how to make an advertisement memorable so that people remember it for a long time after they have seen it. One strategy is ad closure which is successfully followed by McDonald. Please read the attached article. Your discussion assignment for this week is to research other techniques that are used by marketers to make their ads memorable. After you have found a new method, seek an example and then make a discussion post with the following two points highlighted

a) the method for making an ad memorable

b) discuss how your example uses the method.

Question 3

Stores often change their design. Recently, Papa John’s announced that they are changing their store design. Please read the attached document. You can also google it.

Now, your job is to find an example of another store that recently changed its marketing strategy. It can be store design or some other element of retailing. After you find an example, post a story in the discussion section. Your story should have the following parts,

a. name of store

b. date of change

c. details of the change and their rational for it.

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