Pitt Community College Technology with Young Children Activity Plan Paper


Plan an activity for your chosen age group (curriculum web) that utilizes technology in some way.  Technology provides variety, interest, involvement, and reinforcement.  One of the most important advantages it provides is a chance for children to develop their creativity.  This occurs when they design, manipulate, and express themselves using technology. 
Keep in mind that even the simplest of tools such as a kitchen timer, an apple peeler, magnifying glasses, microscopes, or a flashlight all are considered technology because they focus on establishing connections between natural and man-made items.  Using any of these tools would provide children with opportunities for hands-on investigations of how technical objects operate and their functions. 
Some additional examples of technology are using interactive smart boards, digital cameras, computers, Ipads, compact discs/music players, and/or “smart toys” (i.e. music blocks, talking microscope, LeapPad, etc.).
When planning the activity this week, keep the following in mind:

The activity you plan must be a new, novel experience for the children.  For example, if paint at the easel is available daily, it would not be appropriate to plan a “painting activity” where children use paintbrushes as their activity.  When planning your activity, use what you know about this particular group of young children, what you know about child development, children’s interests, relevance to the child’s world, and the information from text.
Before writing out your activity plan, you will want to review the NC Foundations Developmental Indicators to select appropriate learning objectives for this activity.  
Please remember that you will not need to implement this activity with children or submit photos this semester 

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