PJM330 Colorado State University Module 7 Community Action Plan Report


Module 7: Portfolio Milestone


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Portfolio Milestone (75 Points)Simulation Completion and PaperThe entire Portfolio Project is worth a total 350 points, and it is composed of three parts:
Part 1: Weekly participation in the discussion forums
for the project portfolio simulation (15 points each week during Weeks
1-6, 90 points total)
Part 2:Summary paper submitted during Module 7 as a Portfolio Project Milestone (75 points)
Part 3:Written analysis of the simulation, including best practices gained and lessons learned – this is due in Module 8 (185 points)Each part of this project is important and must be completed on time, and Part 2 is due this week.Complete the work related to this module, which is the conclusion of
the project management simulation. After the completion of your
simulation, provide the following items in a 3-4 page summary paper:A screenshot or PDF of your final simulation assessment from the DoubleMasters interface.A brief summary of the areas where you did not achieve full points. For this summary:
Discuss the areas you struggled with and why you think you struggled.Determine the concepts you’ve studied in the past seven weeks that are tied to these areas.
The purpose of this is to provide you with a framework for your
Lessons Learned portion of your Project Portfolio, which will be
submitted in Module 8. These will not be fully defined lessons learned
yet; instead, this milestone is to ensure you recognize what areas you
can improve on from the actions in the simulation.

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