POL 111 Ashford University Government in Protecting Natural Resources Discussion


Week 1 – Discussion Forum 1

The Tragedy of the Commons [WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLO: 4]

Prepare: Prior to tackling this first discussion question, read Chapters 1 to 4 in A Novel Approach to Politics. In addition, watch the following videos: Tragedy of the Commons Part 1 – Chalk Talk
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and Tragedy of the Commons Part 2 – Chalk Talk
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Reflect: Review the three different “tragedy of the commons” scenarios identified in the course text (page 106 to 113): Grazing Sheep, Stag Hunt, and Farming to Fishing. These scenarios are certainly not the only examples of challenges that the use of common goods or resources creates. Envision or explore other situations that could apply to the “tragedy of the commons” problems. Consider the political complications as leaders struggle to balance the ideal use of resources against the real needs of citizens.


In your initial post of at least 200 words, address the following:

Describe one scenario that exemplifies the “tragedy of the commons.”
Discuss some of the potential political problems for governments to resolve that this tragedy would produce
Explain how the scenario is a conflict between the ideal and the real.
Week 1 – Discussion Forum 2
Movie Time! Making GovernmentWork
Movie Time! Making Government Work
Prepare: Before tackling this second discussion question, cook up some popcorn, and watch the assigned movie, Making Government Work. Make sure you have the discussion questions handy as you watch the film so that you can take notes and respond effectively to the prompts below. Also, review the main concepts covered in Chapters 1, 2, 3, and 4 in A Novel Approach to Politics.
olitics.EditEditEditEditEditReflect: The video discusses citizens can act together to make improvements in their local communities
.EditEditWrite: In your initial post of at least 200 words, address the following prompts about the movie:
Discuss the issues concerning security and anarchy revealed in the film.
Describe a power relationship between the government and citizens in the film.
Discuss one collective action by the people and the government in the film

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