POL SCI21A UC Irvine United States Political System Discussion


For 3 points, write up to 300 words to justify the case for one side of the following debate by 11:59 pm Thursday (January 14).

Pro: A parliamentary system of government is much better suited for governing in the 21st century than the 18th century constitutional system that endures in the United States. Parliamentary systems are more efficient and accountable, and thus more responsive to the needs and desires of the people. Thus, the United States would be better off if it changed its system of government to that of a parliamentary democracy.

Con: The American political system is better designed to prevent serious abuses of government power than a parliamentary system, which often lacks checks on governmental power. The efficiency of a parliamentary system comes at too much risk from the American perspective. Thus, the United States should not change its system of government to a parliamentary democracy.

For 2 extra points, write a response of up to 150 words to something posted on the other side of the issue

The second part, I must submit ur answer then I can get other work to reply. No outside source and no in-text citations.

Write everything by urself

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