Policy Preferences and Outcomes

How many times have we experienced the classic “bait and switch” routine? we expect one thing and yet are presented with something else; usually for from what we were expecting. California voters passed a voter initiative requiring English-only education thus rejecting bi-lingual education.
When No Child Left Behind was enacted it also stayed on the same course by not reauthorizing the Bilingual Education Act. But…did it? In its place it promoted English language education referring to those students of the former Bilingual Education Act as English Language Learners. So perhaps this is at times a solution. What if we just change the name? How many people would actually notice? It has been my experience that people do not like to be fooled into supporting something they are against. Do you feel in this case the voters have been fooled? Why or why not? What would have been a better manner in which to accomplish the same goal?

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