Political Science Essay


Please answer ONLY ONE of the following questions in 4 pages long.

1. Federalism

Federalism is a system of government with benefits and drawbacks. In the United States, federalism helps organize the government between the national and state levels.

In this essay, discuss the types of federalism then elaborate which type is the most beneficial. Make sure to compare and contrast between all types and elaborate with examples and clearly state which type you think is best for the United States. Provide supporting evidence.

2. Democracy

The United States democracy is based on the history of the colonies and great Britain. Since the American revolution, conflict regarding the type of government the new government is ought to adopt became apparent.

If you were a decision-maker at the time, what kind of democracy would you advocate for? And what kind of government structure would you urge the country to follow? Make sure to include what type of legislature, executive and judicial branches would you design.

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