Political Science Question


Read the civil liberties power point , specifically, the section on Privacy.

1) Given that there is no privacy amendment, where did the Supreme Court locate the “right to privacy”?

2) Do you think, the right of privacy is important? Is it in the constitution? how far should it reach (what areas should it cover??)

If you do not understand question number 3, let me come up with an absurd example:

Should you be able to murder some one in the privacy of your home? How about, hit your kids with a belt? Or do heavy drugs like Heroine? or……..


Refer to the question on slide 5 in the Lemon test power point.

Are you an accomodationist or a separationist? The question re: a wall of separation as mentioned in the private letter that Jefferson wrote, has two choices A or B.

Choose one of the two options and explain why you chose it.

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