Political Science Questionnaire


Pluralists (i.e., supporters of pluralism) tend to see interest groups asQuestion 25 options:

a, dangerous to democracy.

b. important tools of political representation that can fill in the gaps left by majoritarian, representative democracy and a logical outcome of political liberty.

c. an insignificant force in American politics.

d. unimportant to truly democratic outcomes, which must be decided by majority rule.

Which of the following is/are an example(s) of an interest group playing the inside game?Question 27 options:

a. The Sierra Club sends out a magazine to its member talking about upcoming national and state legislation that will impact the environment.

b. A lobbyist for oil companies meets with Senators on the Senate Energy Committee.

c. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) advocates throw paint on models wearing animal fur at an annual event for New York Fashion week.

d. All of the above are examples of interest groups using the inside game.

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