PR 423 Los Angeles Valley College Crisis Communication Essay


Select one specific case study to examine and provide a detailed critique as to the efficacy of the crisis response, the success/failure of the individuals involved, and the key learnings for future opportunities. Your case study cannot be older than 2019 and cannot be the same one you selected for either your crisis scenario or your social media assignment. You must integrate readings from our textbook (ie. applicable crisis theory). Your paper should be in APA format, a minimum of three full pages, and a maximum of five pages. Carefully check spelling, grammar, and attributions.
You will be asked to summarize your work in a 5-minute presentation (with visuals) in class. The crisis for your case study cannot be one we’ve discussed in class and MUST be a situation that happened between 2019 – present day (no older).
The information in your presentation to the class should include the following:
Crisis scenario with timing

Warning signs
Crisis response
Evaluation and key learnings

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