Project Animal Land Case Study Discussion


Part 2 Assignment: PDM, Critical Path, and Schedule

Begin working on the exercises below. Be sure to use the WBS you developed in last week’s discussion, the SOW you developed for last week’s assignment, and the information in the attached exhibit.

Exercise 1: Draw a PDM and calculate the critical path. Use your results to inform your initial post to this week’s discussion forum.

Exercise 2: Create a schedule for project Animal Land using the template provided. Submit your schedule, PDM, and critical path to the part 2 Assignment: PDM, Critical Path and Schedule . To complete this exercise, use the attached template.

Attached Files:

Attached exhibit

Attached template

Part 3 Assignment: Budget and Earned Value Analysis

Exercise 1: Based on the WBS and SOW you developed in part1, the schedule you created in part 2, and the information in labor rates sheet, create a budget for project Animal Land using the attached template

Exercise 2: Perform an Earned Value Analysis for the status of Animal Land to-date. Based on your earned value analysis, what is your assessment of this project? On schedule? On budget? If not, what can be done? To complete this assignment, use the attached exercise 2 instructions.

Attached Files:

File Budget Template.xlsx

File Labor Rates.xlsx

Attached exercise 2 instructions

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