Project Managment 5


Part One: disussion – Due — Today 10/31/17

Schedule Management: How Often Should a Schedule Be Reviewed?

In this discussion, please address the following:

Discuss how often a project schedule should be reviewed.
Should a project schedule only be reviewed by the project manager and project management team?
Identify and discuss the advantages and disadvantages to creating a project schedule.

Part Two: Module 05 Activity

Module 05 Activity – Review a Project Schedule and Evaluate for Potential Issues/Cost Impacts

In a 1-page Word document, consider the following activities and their durations. The original project schedule, using early activity starts, is shown below.

Activity Task Predecessors Duration Activity Cost
A Sign Contract None 5 days $5,000
B Design Survey A 3 days $1,500
C Identify Audience A 7 days $1,000
D Run Survey B, C 30 days $6,000
E Analyze Results D 5 days $3,000
F Create Presentation E 5 days $1,000
G Present to Client E, F 2 days $3,000
Reconfigure the chart above into a critical path diagram for project scheduling similar to the diagram shown in this module’s lecture.
What is the duration of the project?
How much slack is currently available in the non-critical path?
How long are the project and feeder buffers?

Part Three: Module 05 Course Project

Module 05 Course Project – Finalize Project Schedule and Mitigate Any Delays

Using the results of your work from week two project Identify Overall Scope/ Analysis of Unexpected Results; two additional events will be introduced. You will again analyze the impact of these events to the final project.

In a 2-3 page Word document, discuss your analysis on the following events:

It is discovered the refrigerated module is too large for the designed refrigerated backpack pouch. What is your course of action?
The subcontractor assigned to build the radio module for the backpack has shut down. What is your course of action?

In your analysis, you should discuss four areas affected by these unexpected events. Three of the areas of the project affected by the events should include changes to budget, human capital, and impact to schedule, and identify one additional area affected by these events.…

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