PS 401 Park Can Brain Damage Cause a Personality Disorder Discussion


Unit 7: Journal AssignmentPoints 5 The journal provides an important opportunity to view video clips of the various disorders so you will have an opportunity to “see” various disorders and related issues in abnormal psychology.DirectionsAccess LaunchPad–access code is bundled with the loose-leaf version of the text if purchased through MBS. If you wish to purchase it separately, it can be purchased at the following link: (Links to an external site.) Watch 1 or 2 video clips related and make note of your observations.Identify the title of the video clips you have viewed and are discussing,Questions that accompany the videos can be used as a guideline, but the content of the journal needs to be your own observations and reactions.Journal entry is not to be a report, but your thoughts and ideas related to how you experienced the information. Assignment needs to be 2 well-developed paragraphs.

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