PVAMU Convicted Felons and Voting Rights in Texas Essay



Should convicted felons in Texas be able to vote

What does current Texas law state regarding voting rights of

Currently incarcerated
On Probation/ parole
Ex-Cons; Completed time & parole

Opinion & 2 Reasons Why I believe the law should change or stay.

Who may or may not benefit based on where I stand in my opinion.

ex. political parties, Texas offices, impact politically/socially

2 things I could do to change

3 citations from

1 from textbook

no Wikipedia

Chicago Manual Style link in syllabus

parenthetical sources citation in body

no foot notes

works cited/bibliography

Typed double spaced -12pt font

Key Requirements:

Addres Current Texas Law for Voting
Explain If I believe any laws should be changed & 2 specific reasons why/why not?
Describe who may/may not benefit from the laws i decided to change or keep the same. Who the law impact and affect it would have ( political parties, economic, political, social, minority groups, etc.)
2 Things I personally could do support my position and engage political process ( write a letter, organize individuals to March, etc.)
Must have at least 3 reliable references, 1 from textbook

( author, book/year)

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