Question and Answer


Question and answer

Please answer the following question with references not older than 5 years old for each,

Question 1) which statement is true regarding a evidence-based approach to practice?

Question 1 option:

It requires that practice is based on randomized controlled trials

It guarantees that patient’s opinions are included in treatment.

It provides a framework for incorporating new evidence into your practice

It is based on the strict application of research validated causal findings.

Question 2) According to Dr. Archie Cochrane, what is the strongest level of evidence on which to base systematic reviews?

Question 2 options:

Randomized controlled trials

Blind Cohort studies

Qualitative studies

Descriptive studies

Question 3) What is the first step to finding the right information in a timely manner?

Initiate a review of current journal articles that reflect the clinical issue

Formulate the clinical issue into a searchable, answerable question.

Distinguish between internal and external evidence.

Determine if a foreground or background question is needed.

Question 4) Determine the correct order of the following steps in the process of finding evidence to change practice.

1. Integrate the evidence with clinical expertise, patient preferences

2. Critically appraise the evidence

3. Ask a clinical question

4. Evaluate the outcomes of the decision

5. Obtain the best research literature

Question 4 options:





Question 5) Which factors are necessary to give providers confidence in decision making? Choose all that applies.

Question 5 options:

Level of evidence

Conclusion of evidence

Quality of evidence

Impact of evidence

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